Merle Terlesky is running for School Board Trustee for the Calgary Board of Education in Ward 8 and 9

Merle Terlesky

Candidate for Calgary Board of Education - Ward 8 & 9

Better Education, Better Spending, Stronger Families and Better Outcomes

Education: Return to core essentials and reduce provincial interference in what is taught and how it is taught. I strongly affirm parental rights with a focus on recognising the parent as primary in child rearing, education, and family impacting decisions.

Key Points:

  • YOU the parent must have final say in what your children are taught, be it in public/private or home education.
  • YOU need to have a greater say in what the curriculum is and how it is advanced in the classroom - The Education Minister must understand his role as being that of a public servant to parents and students rather than a forwarder of ideologies. The CBE must focus on reading, writing, history, math, and how to balance a check book, rather than trying to be the parent to students.

Better Spending: More dollars for the classroom, less for CBE bureaucrats. I stand for complete disclosure of funds allocated to salaries and benefits of CBE staff. You the taxpayer have a right to know.

Better Bussing: Fix this problem once and for all and listen to the concerns of parents.

No Bullying: ZERO TOLERANCE for bullying - we need to protect all kids, not just a select few in order to advance a political ideology.

Report Cards: Bring back reports cards so parents better understand their childrens' progress, empowering them to make better parental decisions.

Sex Ed:

  • YOU the parent need to have the final say in how this important topic is taught to your kids
  • Currently, provincial legislation requires that parents be provided notice when a program of study includes subject-matter that deals primarily and explicitly with religion or human sexuality (School Act, section 50.1) I support such legislation
  • I stand for complete disclosure to, and involvement of, parents

My door will always be open to all voters and taxpayers. I will work with other CBE board members for YOUR interests.

I will be YOUR Advocate: If I am elected, there is a good chance that the 2nd half of my term will see a new provincial party in power in Edmonton. If that is the case, I want to hit the ground running with YOUR ideas for a better education system in Calgary. To this end, I commit to have town hall meetings in wards 8 & 9 every 3 months to hear YOUR concerns. It's about YOUR voice, as that is what really matters. I will continue to advance new ideas to Minister Eggen as well.

Restore parents to their rightful role as primary care giver and educator

VOTE TERLESKY for Wards 8 & 9

Email me: and share your thoughts and ideas and watch my twitter feed @MerleTerlesky where I will keep you updated on when I will be at a mall near you. Visit


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merle terlesky cbe trustee candidate

Merle Terlesky

My Bio

Age: 52

Place of birth: Saskatchewan

Raised: Kamloops BC

Residence: Ward 8 for over 10 years and condo property owner for past 2 years

Elections: Candidate for Calgary civic election 2007 Ward 7 and Alberta Alliance candidate in prov election 2004 and Kamloops civic election 2001

Education: Grade 12 and 3 months studies in exchange program in former USSR, studies in poli/history-1990


  • Health Care worker 10+ years and prior funeral home assistant, AUPE member Local 95/Chap 6 Chair - Sunday Usher at Centre Street Church
  • Cancer survivor of Leukemia diagnosis 1998, BMT
  • Avid karaoke singer, Enjoy riding my Can Am Spyder in USA and Canada
  • "Voice for Alberta" in taking on PM Trudeau at U of C forum, January 2017

On the Personal Side

I was asked to share any personal story... I may have... well yes, I have one. I am a cancer survivor since 1998 when I was diagnosed with AML Leukemia in BC. My brother and 2 other siblings were a BMT match for a bone marrow transplant, I made it and here I am today nearlly 20 years later. I am thankful that I survived and was cured.

Donate and Help Merle Win

I am here for you:

Help get Merle elected as a Calgary Board of Education School Trustee. Donate and support Merle Terlesky

Donations to the Committee to Elect Merle Terlesky help pay to print literature, help with stationary, and postage, printing of signs, etc

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